Darya pala


Field of activities

Darya Pala Engineering Company with due benefits of its experienced and specialized professional scientist/engineering personnel and associates, plus fully equipped and updated engineering, design and supervision facilities, whether hardware, or,  software,  and as well as, continuous , progressive and respective “on the job” and  external advanced training programs of its youthful and prospective personnel and their creative energies and capabilities, has been very successful to expand and develop its managerial and engineering activities and has realized to solve and perform a wide spectrum of engineering problems and projects with the full satisfaction of its clients/customers. Needless to add, that DPEC has complete readiness to expand its services for export purposes as well, and enter into joint ventures and also form cooperation with other foreign and local firms.

DPEC Activities:

The fields of Darya Pala Engineering Company’s activities are briefed below:

Design and Engineering Activities

Main sections are:

  • Project Management, Planning and Control
  • Process Engineering / Safety / Environment
  • Mechanical / Installations
  • Electrical and Communications
  • Piping design / Pipelines / Stress Analysis/ Materials /Layout Design
  • Instrumentation / Control ( I&C)
  • Civil / Structures / Architecture
  • Document Control
  • Document Center / Technical Archives / Library

Project Management and Control

Darya Pala Engineering Co. (DPEC) by enjoying the professionalism and high capabilities of its management, senior expert staff, key personnel, engineers and technicians; undertakes, the direction, management organization, programming, and cost control, required qualified manpower, general and specific planning for performing the relevant affairs of the projects, application of necessary controls on the proper flow of the work executions, coordination with and between client and parties engaged or involved in the projects, regardless of being local and/or foreign, establishment of communications with the employer and others, search and determination of working potentials in the fields of engineering, design and execution and etc. and the successful realization of the projects as required, to the very end and during the operational periods, inclusive of after works advising, services,   troubleshooting and etc.

Inspection and Quality Assurance

Darya Pala Engineering Co. (DPEC), due to its cooperation with experienced and proficient specialists in the fields of, machinery, equipment, welding, painting, insulation, adaptation and application of as necessary national and international standards as required for each project, as well as possession of needed tools and equipment for the necessary inspection and quality assurance, had and has the capability to undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Provision of painting and applications of metal, rubber, plastic, and other types of plating instruction manuals.
  • Provision of all types of inspection manuals.
  • Provision of work execution instruction manuals.
  • Quality control of equipment and parts fabrications.
  • Obtaining quality assurance of manufactured goods / parts / pieces in comparison with project design specifications, drawings and required standards.
  • Performance of all necessary and simulation tests of systems, complexes, electrical and control panel boards and other materials and equipment.
  • Calibration and testing of instruments and tools.
  • Balancing of rotating machinery.
  • All other tasks as required by the works technical specifications, especially with regards to the inspection and quality control as needed.

Supervision on Procurements, Executions, Installations and Commissioning of Projects

Darya Pala Engineering Co. (DPEC) by having experienced supervising engineers  and technicians, as well as, recognition and access to allied expert work forces and also  in collaboration with its colleagues, when needed, has always the readiness to carry out project execution for works installations, erections, inspections, supervisions, commissioning and others, as required. The following activities are but a few of the tasks performed by DPEC.

  • Earth, Civil, building works and construction of steel and concrete structural. Operations on land, on – shore and off – shore.
  • Pipe laying (whether of steel , titanium, alloys and plastics) , installations and painting operations)
  • Constructions and installations of atmospheric and pressuring storages / enclosures, heat exchangers, reactors, evaporative and other types of cooling towers.
  • Installation and balancing of rotary machines.
  • Construction installation of power and control panel boards.
  • Cable laying, power, control and precision instrumentation systems.
  • All other works as required by the projects specifications.